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Monday, March 4, 2013

The House of God

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”
Psalm 127:1

            My husband and I overlooked the auditorium of the church, giving each other a quiet nod of understanding and agreement. “It’s a blessing to be a part of this.”
             As we drove home, we shared the sense of fulfillment and gratitude, remembering years of labor to reach where our church is today. We have an investment in in the buildings, but more so in the people, the lives touched and changed.
             We came looking for a good place for our mid-school age children. Unhappy with every church we visited, they found two familiar faces and the promise of “mud Olympics” the following week. After about three months we knew we were home. The rented gym of the YWCA, transformed into a church on Sundays, and the spirit of God was present in the 80 to 90 people who worshipped there.
               Seventeen years later, that “ugly gray metal building,” on one of our city’s busiest thoroughfares has been painted a pretty shade, of ocher. It stands next to a beautiful building of stucco and glass on some of the prime real estate in town. We have seen it grow in attendance, and the various roles we have played in its work have enriched our lives.
               We’re grateful for the building, but the blessing is the people. When people grow in the Lord and minister to each other both inside and outside those walls, you have a community of believers united by a shared faith. What we feel isn’t satisfaction in the property, but joy in the spirit filling those buildings with the love of Christ. God is allowing us to be part of His work.
                The “stinky clothes room,” where the “Y” once stored donations, is now a beautiful classroom. People whose lives resembled those stinky clothes have become a sweet aroma of Christ to the world. Missionaries have gone out to Africa, Central America, and into our city’s neediest places.
                We are blessed because God has used us in building that community, and in turn, blessed our lives in myriad ways.
                Where do you invest your time and talent? Do you have a community of fellow believers and a place of service to God?
                Find a church where God can use the gifts He has given you so your labors are not in vain. Become part of what He is building, and you will be blessed.

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