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Monday, March 18, 2013

Behold the Lamb of God - Part II

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

               The bedroom was dark, my mind full of questions for the God I was only beginning to learn about. On the closet door hung a drawing of Jesus from our denominational youth magazine, the crown of thorns pressed into His brow, a look of anguish in His eyes.
              There was no audible answer, but the room filled with a presence I felt—something tangible and personal. I didn’t have to open my eyes to know Jesus was there. He filled my heart and mind in a way I had never experienced. He was real and He cared. My cries did not go unheeded. His answer was to be there for me, to plant in my heart a desire for more of Him, a deeper understanding than I had at the time.
               The suffering face in the picture had meaning. Jesus knew what it was to suffer, and cared that I hurt. The knowledge was balm to my wounded spirit. He touched me that night, and my life would never be the same again.
                A deep need for understanding drove me to the Bible. For days I poured over the New Testament scriptures every spare minute. I had to know what the death of Jesus meant for me, what it meant for Him to be my Savior—the reason He died for my sins and what was required of me.
               Is there spiritual hunger in your soul? Do you long for answers the world can’t satisfy? Jesus Christ was rejected by the majority of the world He lived in. Even His closest friends failed to understand who He was until after His death. The world “received Him not,” turning down the opportunity to become “children of God.”
               When Nicodemus met with Jesus after dark, seeking answers to his questions, Jesus said he must be born again. If you haven’t met the Jesus who died for you, turn to the Bible and pour over its words of hope like I did. You will find the answer to every need, the purpose you long for, and the promise of eternal life.
                Unlike those who failed to receive Him, let Jesus make your life new. Like Nicodemus, be born of the Spirit and give your life to leading others to know Jesus Christ, the giver of eternal life, the giver of meaning to everyday life.

© Copyright 2013 by Norma Gail Thurston Holtman and
All Rights Reserved.

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