"My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9b

Monday, February 11, 2013

Peace in Change

God intended it for good…” Genesis 50:20 NIV
            I felt as if the rug had been pulled out from under me. It was like landing on my back, staring at the ceiling and wondering what happened. The news of a major life change less than ten years from retirement was too much to comprehend.
             It is easy to make plans, and take your current state for granted, assuming nothing will change. We have the head knowledge that God will care for us in any situation, but sudden changes create doubt and fear. Scripture says that man makes his plans, but the outcome is in God’s hands. Knowing that and putting our faith in action are two different things.
                Our extended families are all here. We built a home to retire in. We’re settled in our church, Bible study, and routines. Life was supposed to slowly wind down surrounded by the familiar. But sometimes the biggest blessings come when we leave the familiar behind and take a step of faith.
                 We aren’t certain how to look at a future that threatens to take us away from everything familiar and loved. Though not out of malice, our change, like Joseph’s was not of our choosing. Nothing prepared us for what was coming. It hit us out of the blue.
                 Joseph found himself surrounded by strange people and a strange culture, far away from everything he knew, and no one gave him a choice. No one asked us either, and we wake up and can’t go back to sleep, wondering what the future holds.
                His trials grew him into a man of great spiritual depth and exemplary character. He trusted God to provide all he needed, gave his best, and prospered. In my heart I know God can do that for us too. In my head, I cry out “Why?”
                What trials and changes face you today? God is big enough to handle all of your questions and doubts. He hears the cries of your heart, and understands your fear of the unknown. At the same time, He promises He will never leave or forsake you. Be at peace.
                Determine to wake each morning with a statement of trust in God on your lips and a believing heart that refuses to fear. It won’t be easy, but stepping out in faith will yield rewards you never dreamed possible.

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  1. I cried as I read this. For the most part I could have written it. This past weekend was especially tough. We are having to sell the home that I grew up in and we renovated. We planned to retire there. I have asked God why for the past 2 years. My faith has wavered but I have also seen God work miracles. My heart knows God loves us and is in control but my head struggles with the details. Thanks for sharing. I will pray for you.